Kids Opening Christmas Presents

You remember what it was like to be a kid on Christmas morning. You could hardly sleep the night before, and all you wanted to do was to run into the living room and rip open those presents. Depending on what you got, you either cried, shouted with glee, or did a little bit of both. Your kid's no different, so get ready for the range of emotions come Dec. 25. To prepare you (and give you a trip down memory lane), we bring you the best gift reactions, in GIFs of course. Good luck!

Kids usually aren’t very good at faking it when they don’t like a present. That’s why it’s even more meaningful to watch them (struggle to) express genuine excitement and delight after ripping open the wrapping paper on Christmas morning. From jubilant exclamations — “Santa knowed what I wanted for Christmas!” — to earsplitting shrieks, here are some of our favorite reactions.

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